Kick, Push, or Bust!

Strategy & Graphic Design
Project Overview
A national brand campaign created for Under Armour to address how fitness is evolving in 2021 through redefining the public perception of athlete.
My Contributions
Project Lead, Graphic Design Lead
Created in collaboration with Jude Zawaideh, Jordan George, and Lilly Wexelblat
The Short Version
The Ask: Create a hypothetical national brand campaign that addresses how fitness is evolving in 2021 and positions Under Armour as the brand to empower consumers through movement and well-being.

Our Insight: The public perception of “athlete” is not accurate to what an athlete can be.

Our Approach: By developing a summer campaign targeted at core skaters.

Key Deliverables: Pitch Deck & Campaign Video

Campaign Overview

Given full creative freedom after addressing the given brief, our team used our key insight (creativity and athleticism are synonymous) to define our target audience, campaign goals, manifesto, and language.

Campaign Goals
+ Develop a new audience for Under Armour
+ Re-capture the audience gained from Under Armour’s collaboration with A$AP Rocky
+ Redefine the perception of skateboarding
Target Audience
“Core skaters” located in major skateboarding hubs such as New York City and Los Angeles.
Campaign Manifesto
“To convey the care-free, rough-cut youth. To convey the passion and determination of a core skater, one not bound by rules or ideas. The unafraid, the excited, the nineties-inspired, kid at heart.”
Campaign Language
Ride your way, make athlete your own, skate in your style, pick your moves, define your style.

Project Takeaways

This campaign helped me realize the importance of utilizing team members abilities and strengths to push the conceptual aspects of a given project.